Fruit Bats Prep Album Number Four

Fruit Bats Prep Album Number Four
Eric Johnson's underrated folk pop project Fruit Bats have announced they'll be releasing their fourth LP, and first in four years, this summer. The record, titled The Ruminant Band, will be released by Sub Pop on August 4.

As the press sheet describes, "the songwriting and production on The Ruminant Band mark a further crystallization of Johnson's own melodic instincts and overall vision over the past near-decade, abetted by brothers-in-arms who know both bluster and restraint." Not sure about you, but to us this sounds promising.

No teaser tracks have been released from the album as of yet, but they will likely surface on the band's MySpace soon. In the meantime, peep the live version of the title track below.

The Ruminant Band:

1. "Primitive Man"
2. "The Ruminant Band"
3. "Tegucigalpa"
4. "Beautiful Morning Light"
5. "The Hobo Girl"
6. "Being on Our Own"
7. "My Unusual Friend"
8. "Singing Joy to the World"
9. "The Blessed Breeze"
10. "Feather Bed"
11. "Flamingo"