Frost Steel Wound

Ben Frost set up a recording studio on a deserted portion of the Australian coast to work on his latest recording. He has always been interested in soundtracks for movies yet to be made, or maybe never to be made, and in particular with the cinematic characteristics that are possible using simply a guitar. While his earlier releases have hinted at his music’s more epic qualities, it is only with Steel Wound that he has managed to realise those ambitions. Utilising many different forms of treated guitar, he constructs surging soundscapes that completely envelope the listener. While some simply swirl around in more abstract, ambient forms, others (most notably "Last Exit To Brooklyn”) have a good deal more structure and take things in a more post-rock direction driven by Frost’s guitar. The addition of Sarah-Jane Wentzki’s vocals on "You, Me And The End Of Everything” makes for a very interesting contrast when weaving in and out of the waves of guitar. It isn’t quite possible to hear exactly what she is saying (in a Cocteau Twins kind of way), but it fits so perfectly with the other sounds that it would have been nice to hear more of that interaction on other tracks. Steel Wound is a richly textured recording that succeeds in everything it attempts to do. Search out a copy of this beautifully packaged CD right now. (Room 40)