Front-Woman of Ontario Band the Joys Viciously Assaulted in Winnipeg

Front-Woman of Ontario Band the Joys Viciously Assaulted in Winnipeg
In a disheartening turn of events, Sarah Smith, lead singer for London, ON rockers the Joys, was brutally assaulted last week in Winnipeg, where the band were in town to record an upcoming album.

According to a report from CTV News, Smith was out for a drink with drummer Kevin Komatsu when they befriended a man and a woman at the Woodbine Hotel on Main Street. They offered the pair a ride home, and on the way, Komatsu and the man they picked up stopped to use the washroom.

While waiting in the van, it's alleged that the woman violently attacked Smith and then took control of the vehicle. Speeding through residential neighbourhoods, the woman kept threatening Smith's life.

"I was, like, begging for my life telling her I'd pay her money and do anything just stop and she just kept saying she's going to kill me," Smith said. When they finally stopped the vehicle, things got worse. "She was kicking the back of my head. I had bruises all over my body."

Fortunately, Smith was able to run away and fled to a strangers house, where she called police. The 27-year-old attacker, named Rebecca Flett, was charged with a number of offences, CTV News reports, including uttering threats to cause death and robbery with violence. Flett was also wanted on a warrant in an unrelated incident.

The Joys have several Canadian tour dates lined up this month and in October. You can see the complete list here