Fresh & Onlys' Tim Cohen Preps New LP as Magic Trick

Fresh & Onlys' Tim Cohen Preps New LP as Magic Trick
Last year, Fresh & Onlys leader Tim Cohen released a solo album called Tim Cohen's Magic Trick. This subsequently developed into a project of its own, and the newly coined Magic Trick released The Glad Birth of Love soon after. Now, Cohen has announced another album with the project: Ruler of the Night will be out on June 12 through Hardly Art.

Magic Trick is now a full band rather than a strictly solo endeavour, but an announcement from the label notes that "the creative process hasn't changed all that much" and that this is still "the essential Tim Cohen experience, untarnished by re-writes, re-mixes, or too many second thoughts."

These "quiet, introspective" tunes "were birthed on a nylon string guitar during stoop-side noodle sessions, augmented by whichever bandmates were within hollering distance, and put to tape before the inspiration had a chance to fade." It reportedly has everything from cheap synths to country melodies and hip-hop influences, making for no shortage of stylistic detours.

Scroll past the tracklist below to listen to the single "Torture," and if you like what you hear, pre-order a copy of Ruler of the Night here. Hilariously, all pre-orders come with a promotion ruler. How's that for literal?

Ruler of the Night:

1. Ruler of the Night

2. Torture

3. Invisible at Midnight

4. Sunny

5. Next to Nothing

6. Melodies

7. Angel Dust

8. Ruby

9. Same People

10. Weird Memory

11. Say Your Name