Freestyle Fellowship To Whom It May Concern

Originally released in 1991, the re-release of Freestyle Fellowship’s debut To Whom It May Concern reveals a mind-boggling collection of elastic rhymes, myriad flows and jazzy beats. While gangsta rap’s march into the pop culture psyche was at full steam, L.A.’s Good Life Café was host to a gathering of artists dedicated to pushing the accepted boundaries of hip-hop. The Freestyle Fellowship, Aceyalone, J. Sumbi, M.D. Himself, Mikah 9, P.E.A.C.E and Self Jupiter were the first artists to emerge to the outside world from the scene. To Whom It May Concern largely spotlights the group’s diverse MCs in solo performances. Earthy, abstract vibes emanate from Mikah 9’s “7th Seal,” while J. Sumbi’s compelling didactics contrast the brightly produced “Sunshine Men” and ride the funk of “Legal Aliens.” And Aceyalone’s rapid-fire, stream-of-consciousness lyrics are spotlighted on “120 Seconds” and “Here I Am.” Listening to To Whom It May Concern in 1999 understates the huge influence this crew has had and contextualises them as pioneers on the West Coast scene. (Beats and Rhymes)