Freebass Break Up, Mani Accuses Peter Hook of Collecting "Ian Curtis Blood Money"

Freebass Break Up, Mani Accuses Peter Hook of Collecting 'Ian Curtis Blood Money'
When you get three '80s superstars like Peter Hook (ex-Joy Division/ex-New Order), Mani (Primal Scream/ex-Stone Roses) and Andy Rourke (ex-Smiths) in a room together, the results are bound to be explosive. The three iconic bassists previously joined together to form the supergroup Freebass, with Rourke departing last month. Now, the group have officially split, with Mani lashing out against Hook on Twitter.

He wrote that Hook was "disgusting and very crass and self-centred," and repeatedly accused him of exploiting the death of former Joy Division singer Ian Curtis. He said that "peter hooks wallet [is] stuffed with ian Curtis blood money" and added, "used to adore the man, now he's a self-centred sellout reduced to hawking his mates corpse around to get paid. And he can't play."

See the full tirade over at Twitter. Mani eventually wrote, "Everything is ok. I shouldn't air my laundry in public. Meltdown time. I need to give this game up, I can't trust nobody anymore."

In a much more professional breakup announcement [via Clash Music], the group wrote: "Recent events have made Freebass entirely unviable as a band, and with this in mind, it has been decided that the project should be shelved, rather than placed on hiatus while members pursue their other interests."

The band's debut album, It's a Beautiful Life, is not currently out in hard copy. Digital downloads are available from FAC51 The Ha├žienda.