Frederic Galliano / Various Kuduro Sound System

Kuduro is a ten-year-old sound system-type music from Angola (and Portugal). Entirely programmed, it draws from dancehall, zouk and house music to create an up-tempo call and response party groove. As such, even though Angola is an ocean and an equator away from Canada, long-time Caribana party people will lock right into the cadence and start jumping up. There are both popular artists and neophytes represented here, including the "founder’ of the genre, Tony Amado. Like soca, the groove is non-stop. There are no breakdowns, only a steadily increasing energy. Unlike soca, and this is where the crossover potential lies, the sonic underpinnings of the electronics are very much related to early house and techno, as opposed to soca’s synthetic horn stabs, which recall Club Med more than the Warehouse. Frederic Galliano’s contribution seems pretty minimal compared to most Kuduro floating around the net. He brings more au courant synth programming and a surer hand with the mix — these tracks sound uncluttered despite the additional percussion programming. Subject matter? Well, it’s sound system music so things range from big booty to guns to national pride and back to booty. If the inevitable comparison is Baile funk, this music is more ass-shakingly polyrhythmic and inviting, with just enough edge and more rhythmic vitality. Can’t wait to hear more. (Frikyiwa)