Freddie Gibbs "Money, Cash, Hoes"

Freddie Gibbs 'Money, Cash, Hoes'
After last leaving us with a twisted-up take on a Kanye track, L.A.-based rhyme assassin Freddie Gibbs has returned with an new song about his favourite things. Titled "Money, Cash, Hoes," Gibbs' latest hard-edged single is streaming now.

Featuring a mighty, if synth-sprinkled, kaboom from producer the Beat Bully, the tune has Gangsta Gibbs delivering bars about trappin' at the stove instead of going to college, flexin' on his enemies, and juggin' for the money.

It also includes a shout out to Cam Newton that may well have been penned prior to the Panthers bombing at the Super Bowl this past weekend.

Another confidently derogatory one from Gibbs, which comes complete with Rick James-honouring artwork, "Money, Cash, Hoes" can be found below.