Fraud Victim Claims Tim Dog Faked His Death

Fraud Victim Claims Tim Dog Faked His Death
Earlier this year, we reported that Tim Dog (aka Timothy Blair) died after a long battle with diabetes. Three months after his death, though, a woman the Bronx MC had previously defrauded out of thousands of dollars is questioning the legitimacy of his passing and accusing the "Fuck Compton" rapper of faking his own death.

Speaking with Memphis, TN's News Channel 13 WREG, Esther Pilgrim said she believes "there is a great chance that he's [Tim Dog's] alive," and notes that if that's the case, he owes herĀ $32,000 from an online dating scam he ran between 2007 and 2009. The rapper received five years probation for the crime in 2011 and was supposed to pay Pilgrim $19,000 in restitution. He's also believed to owe over $2 million to victims around the world.

Pilgrim apparently believed the reports of Tim Dog's death at first, but began to question the matter when she noticed a lack of specifics behind case. "There was nothing that you normally find, as far as what city, who found him," she said, adding that a friend had gone down to Atlanta, GA, to locate a death certificate. "They were unable to find any record of his death."

WREG reports that it too had looked into the matter and hired a private investigator to track down a death certificate, but their search came up short as well.

You can see the news report below. So far no one from the Tim Dog camp has issued a response to the allegations.