Frank Ocean and Depeche Mode's Martin Gore Record Collaborative Track

Frank Ocean and Depeche Mode's Martin Gore Record Collaborative Track
Earlier this week, R&B singer Frank Ocean announced a few details on a follow-up to his Grammy-winning Channel Orange LP, revealing he's about "10, 11 songs" into the recording. It's now been revealed that one of those tracks could be a collaboration with Depeche Mode's Martin Gore.

Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan spilled the beans in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, explaining that the band had been approached by the singer while working on their Delta Machine LP.

"We were in the studio in New York, and we were filming and recording some live tracks toward the end of the session," Gahan said. "An assistant came up to me in between songs and said, 'Do you mind? Frank Ocean is here working in another studio and really wants to meet you guys. I wouldn't have thought he would have even known who we are, but it turns out he's a big fan."

Gahan added that Martin and producer Christoffer Berg ended up working on a number with Ocean. "Martin did some electronics and some modular synthesizer stuff he really wanted," Gahan confirmed.

Plans for the track are unclear, but Gahan believes it will appear on Ocean's next LP.

Ocean's interview with BBC's Zane Lowe earlier this week revealed that his next full-length is "bordering on a concept record again." He's planning on doing some recording in Bora Bora, has already worked in the studio with Pharrell Williams, and has some studio time booked with Danger Mouse. Ocean also tossed around names like King Krule and Tame Impala as acts he'd like to work with.

Depeche Mode's Delta Machine, meanwhile, arrives March 26 through Columbia.