Frank the Butcher "Eat What You Kill" (ft. Killer Mike)

Frank the Butcher 'Eat What You Kill' (ft. Killer Mike)
The last couple of years have seen Killer Mike rolling hard with El-P in Run the Jewels, but the Atlanta rapper has teamed up with another artists for his latest audio appearance. He and producer Frank the Butcher have conspired to offer up the carnivorous clap track, "Eat What You Kill."

Served up as part of a Puma campaign, the snarling rap track finds Killer Mike acting like a "violent rhino" ready to attack. Frank the Butcher slices and dices the beat, offering up a wild blend of moaning guitar and bone-snapping snare drum.

You can feast upon Killer Mike and Frank the Butcher's new single down below, courtesy of Complex.