Frances Bean Cobain's "Sweet 16" A "Suicide-Themed" Do

Frances Bean Cobain's 'Sweet 16' A 'Suicide-Themed' Do
You’d think if your dad offed himself, a subject like suicide would be a bit taboo. Well, apparently not if you're Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain, who reportedly threw herself a suicide-themed sweet 16 party earlier this month.

But since Frances is still just a kid, she obviously had a little "adult” supervision. Her mother Courtney Love green-lighted the party and pitched in by spending $323,000 on the bash, which was held in L.A. at the House of Blues restaurant and featured the band Mindless Self-Indulgence, Actress Archive reports.

The website Gossip Rocks managed to track down Frances’s invitation to her "Suicidal 16,” which reads: "My one and only sweet 16 . .. eerrrr actually it’s my suicidal 16. .. We are also having a contest, it’s the ‘who can look most dead contest.’ If you dress up dead and are picked as the top three, you will receive an iPod Touch and a $200 gift certificate to Amoeba. So get that face paint on, and try to make it as realistic as you can.”

And so Kurt Cobain rolls in his grave once more.

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