Foxymorons Rodeo City

The Foxymorons have such an inspired name that I really, really wanted to like their album, no matter what. Fortunately, it wasn't hard to like Rodeo City, a record whose title pays homage to Big Star, because the band also have a real talent for writing pop songs that don't skimp on the hooks. Most of the songs are catchy, incredibly catchy, and they are here, warts and all - production doesn't appear to be particularly important to the Foxymorons and there are songs here with fluffed starts, the occasional bum note and bouts of laughter. While that could make for an amateur sounding album, it gives the proceedings a real human touch that makes Rodeo City even more appealing. Rodeo City is one of those concise, compact albums that says what it has to say and then finishes. At times, it reminds me of the Lemonheads' It's A Shame About Ray or even Dinosaur Jr.'s more melodic moments, and at other times, there are more classic elements that hint towards the Kinks, Big Star and, naturally, the Beatles. Practically every song has a familiarity to it, but just when you think that a lawsuit is imminent, they somehow manage to steer away into unfamiliar territory again. Anyway, after the first listen you'll feel like you've known these songs for a long, long time. (Mordam)