Four Tet Returns with New Full-Length

Four Tet Returns with New Full-Length
Electronic producer Kieran Hebden is once again set to issue a new full-length under his favourite moniker: Four Tet. The album, entitled There Is Love in You, will be his first solo LP since 2005's well-received Everything Ecstatic, and his fifth album as Four Tet.

As usual, Domino Records is handling this release, putting out the new full-length on January 26. The record will be preceded by the single "Love Cry," a blissful, nine-minute electro vamp with droning synths and a funky drum loop. That single will be released on twelve-inch on December 8, but you can preview the track now on Four Tet's MySpace. The vinyl version of the single will be backed by non-album track "Our Bells."

There Is Love in You:

1. "Angel Echoes"
2. "Love Cry"
3. "Circling"
4. "Pablo's Heart"
5. "Sing"
6. "This Unfolds"
7. "Reversing"
8. "Plastic People"
9. "She Just Likes to Fight"