Foundry Day Three featuring Efdemin, Cosmin TRG and Nautiluss 99 Sudbury, Toronto ON, March 21

Foundry Day Three featuring Efdemin, Cosmin TRG and Nautiluss 99 Sudbury, Toronto ON, March 21
Photo: Kevin Jones
Back at 99 Sudbury for the first show of week two of Foundry, the space took on a very different appearance. Stripped down to just one room, in the main space the colourful visuals were replaced with austere black curtains hung on the walls and a couple of well-placed lasers for depth. The minimal stripped down look was the perfect setting for the night of techno ahead, giving the space a Detroit warehouse vibe, albeit a squeaky clean version.

Taking the baton from Toronto mainstay Martin Fazekas, who warmed up the crowd still filtering in, another local act Nautiluss played a long set — over an hour and a half — of awesome techno grooves. Nautiluss made great use of the longer time slot, spending the first half hour of the set steadily bubbling away, keeping the BPM at a restrained pace and incrementally adding more groove as the room continued to fill out. The set balanced a touch of darkness with the most danceable techno possible and managed to create a great mood in the space. The was a little more dancing room than the previous week, and the event attracted a slightly older crowd who knew what they were here for and how to create a good vibe.

The two main acts tonight, Cosmin TRG and Efdemin, decided, apparently at the last minute, to do a back to back set instead of sequential sets as planned, as they did for their Boiler Room set in 2012. The Berlin-based Cosmin introduced some swing into the mix as Dial's Efdemin brought some of the more banging techno tracks, including material from his forthcoming album Decay, including the excellent "Drop Frame." Using vinyl and CD-DJs, the set made judicious use of 808 claps and snare rushes, keeping it reasonably minimal and restrained while danceable throughout. At one point towards the end a huge cloud of aural blackness enveloped the room before some "Groove Control"-style acid took over.

The seamless weave of their mixing and the way the two friends and DJs communicated to each other, smiling throughout the set, was a joy to behold. The fact that the crowd remained almost two hours after last call to dance to the end is testament to the crowd being right for the night. Although it was perhaps the most niche event of the Foundry series, it was musically right on point.

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