The Forms Enlist the National's Matt Berninger and Shudder to Think's Craig Wedren for New EP

The Forms Enlist the National's Matt Berninger and Shudder to Think's Craig Wedren for New EP
It's been three years since the Forms released their self-titled sophomore album, but an upcoming EP suggests that the moody indie rockers are still inspired by their older tunes. While the troupe's new release, Derealization, is neither a straight aping of past work, nor a traditional remix record, the NYC duo have utilized some familiar melodies for the project.

Much of the six-song EP finds the duo stripping away old compositions of pop guitars and vocal melodies, reducing them to the bare essentials before rebuilding them with a host of new collaborators. A string section that includes Nat Baldwin (Dirty Projectors) and Daniel Hart (St. Vincent) adds some added depth to a number of tunes, while guest vocalists reinterpret keyboardist/singer Alex Tween's words.

National frontman Matt Berninger showcases his deep baritone on opening number "Fire to the Ground," while Shudder to Think's Craig Wedren also contributes to the collection, providing vocals on "Finally," which Tween describes as "heavenly."

According to the press release, the idea for the record came after the Forms discovered how pleasant their music was when played at the wrong tempo.

"We had just received the vinyl of our last record. I was so excited that I dropped the needle down without checking the speed on the turntable, which was set to 45 instead of 33," explains multi-instrumentalist Matt Walsh. "Immediately, we were blown away at how the songs took on a whole new character at that speed. We spent that afternoon listening to the record at different speeds and made the decision on the spot to do a 'remix album.'"

A preview of "Steady Hand" featuring Pattern Is Movement singer Andrew Thiboldeaux can be previewed here on Stereogum.

Derealization will be released February 15 courtesy of Three Spheres and Ernest Jenning.

Check out the tracklisting, as well as some tour dates, below. Interestingly, an alternate version of Derealization will be released as a free download shortly before the official street date. These guys clearly just want to explore every angle possible.


1. "Fire to the Ground" (ft. Matt Berninger)

2. "Same Path Mantra"
3. "Steady Hand" (ft. Andrew Thiboldeaux)

4. "Alpha Wave"

5. "Finally" (ft. Craig Wedren)

6. "Derealization"

Tour dates:

12/23 Brooklyn, NY- Cameo Gallery

12/28 Boston, MA- TT The Bears