Danny Bland Taps Greg Dulli and Exene Cervenka for Book of Haiku Poetry

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Aug 12, 2014

Years after Seattle punk musician Danny Bland was attached to Sub Pop-signed acts like Cat Butt, the Best Kissers in the World and Dwarves, the artist is making a return to the iconic label to issue a book of poetry. Comprising various haikus, Bland's I Apologize in Advance for the Awful Things I'm Gonna Do hits stores September 23 in North America and a day earlier overseas.

A press release notes that the book features a series of poems Bland had first drafted up on his Facebook page, collected here as a 120-page, full-colour paperback. The collection is described as featuring verses "combining the profane and profound, the irreverent and touching, the hilarious and beautiful.

"What Danny does to dainty haiku would land a lesser man in the hoosegow. Perfect for my attention span," Sub Pop founder/president Jonathan Poneman said in a statement.

In addition to the haikus, the book features a number of photographs contributed by labelmate and Afghan Whigs vocalist Greg Dulli. Many of the shots were taken off of Dulli's Instagram account. Packaging these with Bland's Facebook poems will apparently prevent them "from slipping away downstream in their respective online feeds."

To thank his friend, Bland has shared the following three-line composition to best describe Dulli:

dark prince, bon vivant

or is he just a mistake

you haven't made, yet

Also adding to the set is X vocalist Exene Cervenka, who provides calligraphy to I Apologize in Advance for the Awful Things I'm Gonna Do. Onetime X member Dave Alvin likewise contributed a foreword.

Pre-orders are available now, with copies purchased directly from the Sub Pop store being packaged with a 6" x 8" print from the book, autographed by Bland and Dulli. You'll find out more details over here.

  While this is Bland's first book of poetry, the author served up his debut novel, In Case We Die, in 2013.

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