Former Dirty Projector Amber Coffman Details 'City of No Reply' Solo Album

Former Dirty Projector Amber Coffman Details 'City of No Reply' Solo Album
After a bunch of teasing, former Dirty Projectors member Amber Coffman has detailed her solo LP City of No Reply. The album is set to arrive on June 2 through Columbia.

Eleven tracks in length, City of No Reply was produced and written by Coffman alongside Dirty Projectors' leader Dave Longstreth, who recorded the effort in Los Angeles back in 2013. The record features previously released tracks "All to Myself" and "No Coffee."

Coffman has also shared a video for the latter track alongside the record announcement, which finds her dancing about an office alongside a suited figure in an eagle costume.

As Pitchfork reports, Coffman explained the video's meaning in a statement:

The video is a bit of a commentary on the American Dream, which I think informs a lot of our romantic endeavors, and often times in a not-so-healthy or fulfilling way. I don't believe it's possible to be truly happy if you just sort of accept patriarchy and capitalism as the foundation and try to just casually live with that. It gnaws at us all from the inside and the only way to evolve beyond its destructiveness is to challenge that in some way, actively or internally.

Read through the tracklist to watch the video for "No Coffee" in the player below.

City of No Reply:

1. All to Myself
2. No Coffee
3. Dark Night
4. City of No Reply
5. Miss You
6. Do You Believe
7. If You Want My Heart
8. Nobody Knows
9. Under the Sun
10. Brand New
11. Kindness