Former Black Flag Vocalist Ron Reyes Weighs In on Greg Ginn Child Abuse Allegations

Former Black Flag Vocalist Ron Reyes Weighs In on Greg Ginn Child Abuse Allegations
Following the recent allegations of child abuse made against Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn by his ex-wife Marina, former vocalist Ron Reyes has now weighed in on the case by adding he too believes the punk musician is unfit to care for his two daughters.

As previously reported, Marina Ginn filed an affidavit in Williamson County Texas District Court in October requesting an "emergency motion to modify the parent-child relationship," claiming: "I believe my children's health and welfare is currently being jeopardized."

In the affidavit, Greg Ginn was accused of not properly attending to his children, denying them food, threatening them, abusing drugs and more.

Brooklyn Vegan has now obtained an affidavit from Reyes, who appeared in court last week on Marina's request, and it adds insight into his time spent around Greg Ginn and his children at their home in Taylor, TX.

Throughout the affidavit, Reyes described the home as "generally filthy," with an unsanitary bathroom and a kitchen full of piled-up dirty dishes. Other qualms Reyes had about the living situation included Ginn's alleged drug use, which he hinted included a bottle or two of wine a day and constant marijuana usage through a vaporizer.

While a nanny apparently tended to the children occasionally, Reyes noted that there often wasn't adult supervision while the band were working on recordings at the in-house studio, leaving the children hungry in the process. Reyes alleged this was in part because Ginn considered his kids "free range," and opted to leave them to their own devices.

"Greg would not allow the kids in the studio," Reyes said. "They also weren't allowed in the office or the warehouse as far as I could tell. They were just left in the hallway outside of the recording studio all day when I was there. The hallway has a concrete floor, but no chairs or anything to sit on, so the kids would just sit on the concrete and wait for Greg."

He added, "A few times a day they would knock on the door or open the door and try to tell Greg they were hungry. He would quickly go over and usher them away from the door and close it, but usually he would make them wait, hours usually, before he would break for food and, I assume, feed them."

The statement added anecdotes about their recent time on tour together in 2013, where he noted Ginn's "drug use was staggering and continuous," and that he was threatened by the guitarist after making a critical tweet about the marijuana use. "He said that if I ever did anything like that again he would 'fuck me up and fuck my family up.' He just repeated that threat over and over."

Citing Ginn's behaviour at home and on the road, Reyes has decided that, in his belief, Ginn is an unfit parent.

"I spent a lot of time in close proximity to Greg Ginn in the time I spent at his property in Taylor," the affidavit reads. "From what I witness [sic], I firmly believe from what I witnessed that Greg is not capable of caring for children. His drug problem is too severe, and appears to have taken a toll on his mental health. His children deserve far better parenting, care and guidance than he is able to provide them."

Brooklyn Vegan reached out to Reyes about the affidavit, which the singer confirmed was legit. He responded with an additional statement noting it was "hard to stay silent and wash your hands and somehow walk away hoping to remain safe and unaffected."

Reyes said, "I am very troubled by what I have heard over the last couple months. And all I can hope for is that somehow things will work out in favour of two very precious children so they can live a life that is safe and full of love, support and guidance they deserve."

You can read the full affidavit here.