Forest Swords Returns with "The Highest Flood"

Forest Swords Returns with 'The Highest Flood'
Four years removed from his Engravings album, Forest Swords (a.k.a. producer Matthew Barnes) has returned with a new single titled "The Highest Flood."

Out today (March 7) through Ninja Tune, the track features jagged drums and piano backed by layered synths, with a choral sample popping up every so often.

"It's a challenge to navigate the world we're living in now and I've been thinking a lot about the ways we need to forge new paths in language, communication and our connection with the natural world — it's becoming more and more important to try and steer these in a positive direction," Barnes said of the track in a statement. "'The Highest Flood' distills some of the frustration and hope that I've been working through over the past 18 months whilst making new material."

It isn't like Barnes has been inactive all this time. Apart from solo work, he has composed music for an Assassin's Creed videogame, worked with Massive Attack, and soundtracked In The Robot Skies — the first movie made entirely by drones — among other projects.

Take in "The Highest Flood" below.