The Foreign Films 'The Record Collector: Side 2' / "Teardrop Town" (lyric video)

The Foreign Films 'The Record Collector: Side 2' / 'Teardrop Town' (lyric video)
Hamilton musician Bill Majoros is keeping busy under his the Foreign Films moniker and is in the midst of rolling out the double LP The Record Collector, which is due out early next year on vinyl. The second side of the impressive four-side, 18-song collection has now arrived and you can give it a listen below.

"Growing up I fell in love with double albums. I like the idea that you can travel deep into the sonic world of a long player," said Majoros in a statement about the decision to pursue such an ambitious project. "A single is simply the first step of an exciting journey. To me recording is the pursuit of sonic and emotion magic. 
It's an attempt to be free of one's limitations. It's an attempt to communicate the joy and sorrows of life. At a time when music is being reduced to ring tones I find myself going in the exact opposite direction."

In addition to the five newly unveiled tracks, Majoros has released an ambient lyric video for "Teardrop Town." Matching the atmospheric feel of the new music, the video can be seen in the player below.