Foo Fighters to Release 'Sonic Highways' Score

Foo Fighters to Release 'Sonic Highways' Score
Before it was a Foo Fighters album, Sonic Highways was first an HBO documentary series that followed the band around North America as they interviewed fellow rockers and worked on their new album. The show's currently being prepped for a second season, but first there's even more music becoming available from it via its original score.

The show's entire Season One score was composed by veteran film and TV music dude Bryan Lee Brown (whose credits also include 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, among many other fine projects).

"Scoring Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways was a unique and challenging experience," Brown said in a press release. "Inspired by America's diverse culture, I tried to capture the essence of each city while also maintaining a cohesive sound throughout the series. Helping the director, Dave Grohl, tell the stories of some of America's greatest musicians was a huge responsibility as much as it was an honor. I'm totally grateful to have been a part of it."

All 30 Sonic Highways tracks will be available as a digital release on June 16 via Memory Bulldozer Records. The album's tracklisting is available below, while you'll find its official artwork up top.

Sonic Highways original score:

1. My Experience
2. Another Spirit
3. Accord
4. You and I
5. Sea Flower
6. Lunar Vision
7. Many Branches
8. North Of Rome
9. Far Away
10. Young Love
11. Believer
12. Dream
13. Anxious Spirit
14. Shoots
15. Thaw
16. Yucca
17. Offerings
18. Hollywood Transistor
19. Eye Of The Hurricane
20. Passing Through
21. Those Who Go Before Us
22. Thoughts Of Nashville
23. Now
24. Destroy It
25. Moon Over Rancho
26. Surrounded By Friends
27. The Colors
28. Vespertine
29. Rivers Run Together
30. Elapse