Foo Fighters Launch Mysterious Countdown Clock

Foo Fighters Launch Mysterious Countdown Clock
Foo Fighters have been powering through their tour this year despite Dave Grohl's broken leg, and with their schedule finally set to wrap up next month, the busy radio rockers are getting ready to tackle their next project. While we don't know exactly what the band have planned, they have just launched a mysterious countdown clock.

Over at the Foos' website, users can see a clock that, as of press time, is ticking down to a time about 24 and a half days from now. It will run out at midnight, just as the calendar flips over to November 23. We can also see a small ornament and hear some distant sounds of rustling and background chatter.

What does this all mean? Well, the band's "FF" logo appears inside of a shield that looks a lot like the shape of an American highway sign, meaning that it seems fairly likely that the Foos are counting down to an announcement about the second season of their studio-centric travel show Sonic Highways (they've spoken about a second season before). If it's anything like the last season of the show, this would coincide with a new album.

Then again, maybe this project is something different. Earlier this month, the Foos revealed that they had recorded five songs in Austin, including a guest appearance from Ben Kweller. In other words, new material is already in the works.

Keep track of the countdown clock here. The URL for the clock is It's not clear if "lobby" simply alludes to this being the entrance to their website, or if this word is at all connected to the band's next project.