Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins Wishes Back and Forth Doc Didn't Exist

Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins Wishes <i>Back and Forth</i> Doc Didn't Exist
With Foo Fighters' anticipated Back and Forth documentary set to hit Canadian cinemas on April 13, it won't be long before we get an in-depth look into the ups and downs of the alt-rock survivors. Despite the fact that it sounds like a well-made, thorough film, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins has gone on record as saying he wishes it didn't exist.

Speaking with NME, Hawkins said, "I wish we wouldn't put the fucking movie out, to be honest, because I'm not really comfortable with the public sort of openness, I'm really not... We almost broke up and I almost died and all those crazy things have happened. And that's what people want. If they're gonna watch a fucking movie about you they don't just want some guys sitting around and going, 'Ooh, it was really great and then we were all so happy and then we played this show and things just got better and we made lot of money.' That would be boring and unrealistic."

 Even with those concerns in mind, Hawkins still admits that the film turned out well, saying, "Trying to look at it from the outside and judge it and have some sort of perspective, I think it's actually way more interesting than I thought a movie about us was going to be... I think it's done well and yes, I think because there's points where you do feel uncomfortable, that's what makes it interesting for people. Any rock documentary or any documentary, the centrepiece is the hard part, the painful part."

A trailer for Back and Forth can be viewed below. Foo Fighters will release their seventh album, Wasting Light, on April 12 via Roswell/RCA.