Flowers of Hell to Perform 'O' at Toronto's Free INTERsection Fest

Flowers of Hell to Perform 'O' at Toronto's Free INTERsection Fest
For a group like Flowers of Hell, a live performance is more special than just any old rock show. Not only are the band members based in two continents, but the British/Canadian ensemble's latest album was a continuous 40-minute synaesthetic opus; we can only imagine that practices and performances are a scheduling nightmare. Well, Torontonians will soon have a chance to watch the group perform their epic single-song album O in its entirety

Flowers of Hell will rolling out the entire album at this year's INTERsection, a free experimental music festival running all day on September 3 at Toronto's Yonge-Dundas Square. In previous years, the event was known as the New Music Marathon.

The band's Greg Jarvis and co. will perform as a 12-piece, and the lineup will include "grand piano, kettledrums and a gong," according to the press release.

Jarvis said, "When performed live, O is an epic creature that's conjured to life and is perfect for the open reverb, blinding lights, and high volume of Dundas Square."

As for the rest of INTERsection, there will be ten hours of music (from noon to 10 p.m.) from over 50 performers including Continuum, CONTACT, New Adventures In Sound Art and more. There will also be interactive art and a marketplace.

For more information on INTERsection, you can visit the festival website here.

O (stereo mix) by FlowersOfHell