Flosstradamus Big Top Stage, Toronto Island ON, June 12

Flosstradamus Big Top Stage, Toronto Island ON, June 12
Photo: Rick Clifford

When attending a Flosstradamus show, a certain amount of ridiculousness is to be expected. Any expectation of a well thought out performance should be left at the door, along with any brains and intellect. Yet, even with these concessions, nothing could prepare anyone for the sheer outrageousness of Flosstradamus's Bestival set. 

Sure, they ran through their popular material with gusto, but literally anyone could have been up on stage shouting "throw your hands up" and no one would've known the difference. This is the future, it seems: atrocious sonic build-ups, hand-fed to the masses on a talentless platter.

Yet, the atmosphere at their show was something to marvel at. Not many acts could boast as much crowd enthusiasm as Flosstradamus. Unfortunately, there's nothing more behind this energy than some unseemly use of sidechain compression and a man with a microphone. Throughout the show, he came out with such eloquent musings as "All you girls on shoulders, you a bad bitch," "When I say roll, you say up" and "Let's take it from zero to 420, real quick" — all of which was yelled over a poor rendition of other people's music: Iggy Azalea, O.T. Genasis, even The Lion King theme tune.

Flosstradamus's Bestival show was a thoughtless exhibition of pageantry. It was the offal of electronic music, rammed down the throat of anyone in the vicinity with all the subtlety of a bulldozer at a ballet recital. When so many people are dancing around to such a display, it raises the question: Is this actually good? 

The answer, if this set was anything to go by, is no. Flosstradamus are undeniably a spectacle, but they lack any musical prowess.