Florida Cop Fired for Singing with Metal Band Vital Remains in Uniform

Florida Cop Fired for Singing with Metal Band Vital Remains in Uniform
Getting onstage and singing with one of your favourite bands is a dream many music fans hold dear, but a Florida police officer's particular experience with metal vets Vital Remains last week has since turned nightmarish, as he's been fired from his job.

Police officer Andrew Ricks was captured on video getting up onstage with the band last week at their November 13 appearance at the West End Trading Company in Sanford, FL. Since he was in uniform while singing along to the act's 2003 song "Dechristianize," the footage was sent to his superiors.

Owing in part to his attire, and singing lines like "let the killing begin," the public servant was quickly relieved of his duties.

"An incident of this nature erodes the thin fibers of trust which already exist between the community and the police, and it will not be tolerated within the Sanford Police Department," police chief Cecil Smith said in a statement of Ricks actions, which have since gone viral on YouTube.

Interestingly, Ricks had previously tendered a notice of resignation on October 30, which would have potentially gone into effect today (November 20). He had been with the Sanford Police Department since 2010. Ricks has not commented publicly on the incident.

"Dechristianize" comes from Vital Remains' 2003 LP of the same name, which was their first to feature Deicide singer Glen Benton. The vocalist left the band in 2009. Though still active, Vital Remains haven't produced an album since 2007's Icons of Evil.

You'll find the ire-raising, and likewise horns-raising, performance down below.