Fleetwood Mac "Second Hand News" (cover by Yeasayer) / "The Chain" (cover by Liars) / "Gold Dust Woman" (cover by Julia Holter)

Fleetwood Mac 'Second Hand News' (cover by Yeasayer) / 'The Chain' (cover by Liars) / 'Gold Dust Woman' (cover by Julia Holter)
Earlier this year, a number of big-name acts teamed up to cover Fleetwood Mac, and now lightening has struck twice in the form of a tribute to the '70s rock band's iconic album Rumours. A few tracks from that Mojo-curated covers album have hit the web.

For this collection, called Rumours Revisited, Yeasayer turned "Second Hand News" into a woozy, computerized psych number. Liars offered up a similarly adventurous version of "The Chain," which plays out as an ominous, drone-filled dirge. And Julia Holter was slightly more true to the spirit of "Gold Dust Woman," but her dreamy version still takes some liberties with the original.

Listen to the tracks below.