Fleet Foxes' Robin Pecknold to Score a Movie about LOLcats

Fleet Foxes' Robin Pecknold to Score a Movie about LOLcats
Perhaps in an effort to see just how ridiculous they can get with Kickstarter, Fleet Foxes have pointed to a campaign seeking funds for an existential movie about popular meme LOLcats. If it gets made, the movie will feature a score by the band's own Robin Pecknold.

The film is called The Internet - A Blog Cats WTF Universe and was developed by frequent Fleet Foxes video director Sean Pecknold (who is also Robin's brother). The producers are seeking to raise $15,000.

Rather than try to explain this weird project ourselves, here's an excerpt from the Kickstarter page:

Matt is one of the best LOLCat caption writers in the world. He's experienced the rise of the internet and came out on top. Thousands of fans, plenty of money in the bank, a successful career. But one day he realizes that perhaps there's more to life than just viral internet cat humor. So he packs his bags and moves to Berlin, the new center of the artistic and philosophical renaissance, or so he's been told.

He has a new idea for a video website that will finally shed light on life's big questions. Why are we here? Who or What is God? Where were you before you were born? What is the impact of technology on our minds and souls? Where does the universe end, end end? (read in a slowly diminishing reverby voice)

If you'd like to contribute to this bizarre project, you can hit up the Kickstarter page here. A trailer for the film is available below.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.