Flecton Never Took a Wife

All right, there’s no getting around this; Flecton is weird. The brainchild and namesake of Miche Jetté, the project’s new record contains an eclectic assortment of distinctive indie-rock recorded over the past five years. Featuring collaborations with the Grifters and Califone, Never Took a Wife is a defiant pop record, blending disparate sounds together to form an oddly endearing collection. The album’s best hook hits you first, as "Where Did Your Organ Went?” meanders delightfully for almost six minutes. After that, it’s anyone’s game, with the world music flavoured "Taking (Talking) Flecton Down (From the Shelf)” and "Gracing Wolf River” challenging the listener to figure Flecton out. These two songs actually sandwich "Summer Down Flames,” which reveals Flecton’s penchant for crunchy punk rock. Though it may strike some as overly self-indulgent, there’s a dreamy feel to Flecton, often reminiscent of Archers of Loaf that is strange, inviting, and impossible to forget. (Kelp)