Flashlight Brown Flashlight Brown

If you thought Flashlight Brown's (formerly just plain old Flashlight) return to the Stomp/Union family would herald a return to their earlier ska-punk form, you'd be wrong. Instead this band has become a more rock-oriented one, as witnessed by the production of Ian Blurton (Change of Heart, Blurtonia). Distortion, harsh vocals and loud guitars, this is definitely a punk rock band. The music is tempered with pop influences, although thankfully not enough to fall into the Blink 182/Sum 41 category. It's not all good though, there are moments were the pop becomes too sickly sweet for the harsh vocals, and when the band tones it down they lose what makes them fun. The record would be a stronger effort with the omission of the last song, a horrible reggae attempt with vocals that belong in Prozzak and music that sounds like it was made with MIDI. Overall, though, it's a fun record that will have you nodding your head at some points and throwing the devil horns at others. (Union)