The Flaming Lips Working with Miley Cyrus on New Collaborative LP

The Flaming Lips Working with Miley Cyrus on New Collaborative LP
It looks like Miley Cyrus is cooking up some bangerz with the Flaming Lips, as the ever-ambitious Oklahoma outfit's frontman Wayne Coyne has confirmed that a collaborative release is in the works.

While the Lips had teamed up with Cyrus before, on last year's Beatles-saluting With a Little Help from My Fwends compilation, Coyne says that his band have been working with the pop star on an original set of tunes. Apparently it will find the "Wrecking Ball" singer and the group mixing modern pop sounds with more psychedelic influences, among other things.

"She does the pop thing so great, so it still feels pop, but a slightly wiser, sadder, more true version," Coyne told Billboard. "Some of it reminds me of Pink Floyd and Portishead."

The as-yet-untitled project was recorded between Cyrus' L.A. home and the Lips' studio in Oklahoma. It's said to be near completion, with the seven songs currently being mixed by Coyne and Flaming Lips guitarist Steven Drozd at their studio. Coyne added that the collaboration has been stripped down and done in D.I.Y.-fashion.

"Her studio is just a little room with a desk," Coyne continued, "and Miley was sitting there mixing. I was like, 'I can't picture Beyoncé doing this!' It's not a putdown of Beyoncé. I just don't see her recording her own vocals and then EQ'ing it. It's so punk rock!"

Cyrus has yet to comment on the upcoming collaborative effort. NME adds that the singer is also working on new music with Mike WiLL Made It, who was the executive producer of 2013's Bangerz.