The Flaming Lips Unveil Zaireeka-Style Song for iPhones

The Flaming Lips Unveil <i>Zaireeka</i>-Style Song for iPhones
It's tough to imagine a record like Zaireeka existing today. The Flaming Lips' 1997 album requires four CDs to be played simultaneously on four separate CD players, with all of the synchronized tracks combining to form a complete piece of music. Of course, now that digital music is taking over, it's easier just to combine all of the tracks on your computer. Still, the Flaming Lips haven't given up on the concept of Zaireeka just yet.

In a new video uploaded on YouTube [via Prefix] frontman Wayne Coyne and guitarist Steven Drozd unveiled a new song. Like Zaireeka, it requires four different tracks to be played simultaneously. Coyne and Drozd achieved this by syncing up four iPhones and playing the music through the built-in speakers -- not exactly an audiophile's delight, but it gets the job done.

See the video below, as the two musicians sit in a bathtub, crouched over the camera (probably another iPhone).

This isn't the first time that Coyne has got innovative with his iPhone. Back in November, he rolled out a trippy video for Ariel Pink's "Round and Round," which was filmed on an iPhone and then given a dose of psychedelic visuals.