The Flaming Lips to Press 24-Hour Song on Vinyl for Record Store Day

The Flaming Lips to Press 24-Hour Song on Vinyl for Record Store Day
The Flaming Lips have a tendency to go all-out on Record Store Day, and this year looks to be no exception, since the unpredictable band might be releasing a version of their 24-hour song "7 Skies H3."

Today (February 25), the Lips shared a photo of a test pressing on Facebook, and you can see it above. As you can see, it prominently displays the title "7 Skies H3," stating the release will arrive via Warner.

But here's the really interesting part: for its quantity, the label reads "35 PCS." As Modern Vinyl notes, this could mean one of two things: that the test pressing was limited to 35 copies or that the song is being released in an absolutely insane 35-LP box set.

We're inclined to think the former, especially since the band told Pitchfork last year that "7 Skies H3" would be condensed into an 80-minute vinyl version. Then again, the Flaming Lips are known for releasing music in crazy formats, so anything is possible, especially since 35 LPs would be about right to fit 24 hours of music.

Whatever the case, all will doubtless be revealed in the coming weeks. This year, Record Store Day falls on April 19, and you can see the growing list of exclusives here.

The Flaming Lips have previously topped our list of the most exciting Record Store Day releases to hunt for in both 2012 and 2013. Their Black Friday roll-out was similarly exciting.

UPDATE: As The Future Heart points out, the Flaming Lips confirmed that "7 Skies H3" will be coming out as part of Record Store Day. However, it will be edited down to a single-record release containing a 43-minute edit of the song.