The Flaming Lips Reveal Black Friday Plans: Stone Roses Cover Album, Tame Impala EP, "Fuck You Frog," Chocolate Skulls

The Flaming Lips Reveal Black Friday Plans: Stone Roses Cover Album, Tame Impala EP, 'Fuck You Frog,' Chocolate Skulls
The Flaming Lips had already announced plans to celebrate Record Store Day's Black Friday event on November 29 by releasing CD and vinyl editions of their Peace Sword EP. Now the prolific and unpredictable psych rock faves have announced a slew of other goodies that will be coming our way on Black Friday.

Perhaps most excitingly, they will finally release their long-hinted-at tribute to the Stone Roses' 1989 self-titled album. This covers LP features guest appearances from members of Poliça, Foxygen, Peaking Lights, Stardeath and White Dwarfs, New Fumes and Def Rain.

They will also make their split covers EP with Tame Impala available to the public after previously saying that it would only be available at shows on their recent joint tour.

In addition to records, the band will release some curios. This includes their so-called "Fuck You Frog," a frog-shaped audio recorder that allows users to manipulate the sound. This will come with a 7-inch containing the band's first-ever demo. It's unclear if this frog has been widely manufactured, or if they're making only 22, which was the plan last time we heard about the frogs.

Lastly, the previously promised chocolate skulls will be available, so long as they're ready in time.

"It's all made out of chocolate, it's a life-size human skull, a life-sized human brain, and the brain is actually sliding out of the skull made with this brain fluid flavoured hard candy," Coyne told Rolling Stone. "And there's a little magic coin inside that brain that you're supposed to dig out. I think it's supposed to get you into any Flaming Lips show in the world. I think that's our intention. So, a lot of stuff and always moving towards the deadline, but I think those first three for sure will happen and we'll see if the chocolate skull will happen. If not, it'll be around for Christmas."

Again we're not sure what quantities this will be available in; considering it includes a pass to any Flaming Lips show in the world, we're guessing there won't be many of them.

Looking to the future beyond Black Friday, we can expect a recording from Electric Worms, a prog-leaning side-project led by the Lips' Steven Drozd and featuring Coyne.

"I'm part of the ensemble but it's mostly Steven's thing," Coyne revealed. "We're using a lot of musicians, but mostly there's a group out of Nashville called Linear Downfall that are amazing — they're such good musicians and such freaks. We only did a couple of days at the beginning of September. I forget what the Miles Davis song is called, we literally recorded one of these really complicated electronic Miles Davis tracks with them. We have a session that is going to happen in the next week or 10 days or so that will probably decide when that's going to come out."

In other news, Coyne addressed cancellation of the Flaming Lips' collaborative plans with Ke$ha, although he didn't offer much in the way of details.

"Everything is driven by her schedule," he said. "Her situation is a lot different than mine. If I want to record a record today and put it out, I just do it."

Oh and Coyne was recently banned from Instagram again, causing him to make a third new account.