Fiver "Daytona" (video)

Fiver 'Daytona' (video)
As soap opera and serialized drama fans may well know, missing out on a couple key episodes can have you struggling to piece the narrative together once you return. In case you missed out on, uh, several years of UK classic Coronation Street, Fiver (a.k.a. Simone Schmidt) is using the video to her Lost the Plot cut "Daytona" to get you all caught up.

As you'll see down below, the video threads together various plot lines from vintage Coronation Street episodes, giving us a glimpse of plate-flinging domestic disputes, solemn booze-and-pill sessions and other long-forgotten arcs from the show. Schmidt shows up in the video too, strumming her guitar on a silky soundstage while delivering seemingly on-point lyrics like, "The way things go, you never know what comes behind you."

You can look back at the past via Fiver's new video down below.