​Five Things We've Learned from Katy Perry's 'Witness' Livestream So Far

​Five Things We've Learned from Katy Perry's 'Witness' Livestream So Far
Katy Perry dropped her latest album Witness last week, and to mark the occasion, she's letting fans, well, witness her every move with a 96-hour livestream. The online channel went live on June 9, and will end later today (June 12), but we've already learned plenty about the singer from the Big Brother-style experiment.
Here are the top five things we've learned so far.
1. She's seriously ready to be done with the Taylor Swift feud
She insinuated as much on a recent episode of "Carpool Karaoke," but still seemed a little salty, calling the whole thing "B.S." and not giving entirely straightforward answers when asked if she was ready to "take the beef off the grill." During an interview with Arianna Huffington that was broadcast via the livestream this weekend, though, Perry confirmed her desire for a peaceful resolution with Swift.
"I am ready to let it go," Perry said. "I forgive her and I'm sorry for anything I ever did, and I hope the same from her. I love her, and I want the best for her."
Sprinkling in an extra dash of goodwill, she added, "And I think she's a fantastic songwriter."
2. John Mayer was a better lover than Orlando Bloom and Diplo
Perry has had a number of high-profile romances over the years, and she didn't hold back when revisiting some of her former flames. Sitting down with James Corden for a round of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts," Perry ranked three of her former lovers.
Corden correctly placed Diplo in last place, before Perry confirmed that John Mayer was slightly more satisfying than recent beau Orlando Bloom — though she also quipped that the three selected weren't necessarily her top three picks of all time.
Perry went on to reveal a soft spot for Josh Groban, claiming that her song "The One That Got Away" was actually written about him.

3. She's experienced suicidal thoughts and struggles with her "authentic self"
In what has certainly been the most emotional segment of the livestream so far, Perry sat down for a session with Siri Singh from Viceland show The Therapist. Revealing that she's struggled with suicidal thoughts, she told Singh: "I feel ashamed that I would have those thoughts, feel that low, and that depressed."
Perry also told Singh that she constantly struggles with her public persona, wanting "so badly" to live as Katheryn Hudson (her birth name) and be able to present her "authentic self."

4. She's sorry for appropriating other cultures (and educating herself so it doesn't happen again)
Perry sat down with Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson and attempted to apologize for instances of cultural appropriation and racist imagery throughout her career — most notably, her "This Is How We Do" video, which features the singer sporting cornrows and eating watermelon.
She thanked those who came forth "out of compassion, out of love" to point out her missteps, acknowledged her white privilege and explained her desire to lift up other artists and "give them the spotlight."
5. Watching someone sleep is boring as fuck
When she promised we'd see everything, she meant everything — including hours of black-and-white close-ups on her sleeping face.
Apparently to mark the final day of the stream, though, she'll be bombarded with a massive choir as a surprise wake-up call this morning. You can tune in below to catch that, as well as the remaining hours of the livestream.
The whole livestream is leading up to a free concert tonight in Los Angeles, where 1,000 fans (and presumably thousands more viewers) will get to watch the singer perform live onstage.

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