First Rate People, Swim Good, LUM Join Forces for Bedroomer Compilation

First Rate People, Swim Good, LUM Join Forces for Bedroomer Compilation
In recent years, we've seen a heap of tracks emerge from a Toronto recording collective called Bedroomer, many of them involving Jon Lawless, First Rate People, and various collaborators and associates. Following this scattered string of releases, the collective is preparing to make a definitive statement in the form of a compilation. Bedroomer Volume I is due out on December 2.

The album features some familiar names for those who have been following Lawless and co. In addition to Lawless' electronic project Swim Good, the album contains offerings from First Rate People, LUM (including a remix of Majid Jordan), Gill Bondy, Eytan Tobin and more.

A press release describes this mission statement of a compilation like this: "Cloudy, open sonic spaces make room for variations on house and hip-hop beats. Melancholy often mixes with moments of ecstatic dance floor grooves. The mixtape features both song-craft and production ear-candy, influenced by a movement of bedroom producers online."

The 15-song tracklist is below. The collective will release the comp with a Toronto launch party on December 4 at Bambi's.

Bedroomer Volume I:

1. Swim Good & RLMDL - "Saturday"
2. Gill Bondy - "Landmind"
3. LUM - "In Luv"
4. Eytan Tobin - "Bedroomer Theme"
5. Majid Jordan - "A Place Like This" (LUM remix)
6. Swim Good - "Upgrade"
7. LUM - No (ft. Eytan Tobin)"
8. Gill Bondy - "12 Days"
9. First Rate People - "I Don't Mind" (ft. Anna Wiebe)
10. Beau x Trevorandever x Lum - "Routes"
11. Swim Good - Namesake" (ft. Mango Food & AM)
12. LUM - "Muddie Bird"
13. Eytan Tobin - "2ON"
14. Swim Good - "Grand Beach" (ft. S. Carey & Daniela Andrade)
15. LoKo - "Knock on My Door"