Firefox AK If I Were A Melody

Firefox AK <i>If I Were A Melody</i>
Hearing the name Foxfire brings to mind a number of different things: Mozilla Firefox, the web browser, Firefox, the ’80s film starring Clint Eastwood that became an arcade game, and painfully, Foxfire, that terrible early film of Angelina Jolie’s that incidentally also starred Rilo Kiley member and indie/alt-country pin-up Jenny Lewis.

And now there is Firefox AK (aka Andrea Kellerman), a Swede who relocated to Berlin in order to find some inspiration for her second album and follow-up to the highly regarded debut, Madame, Madame!. Well, she found it, and with the help of Junior Boys’ Matt Didemus, who produced two songs and mixed the entirety of new album If I Were A Melody, Kellerman has shaped an album that is personal yet accessible, cold but somehow sweet, and fit for either a bedroom or a warehouse.

Knowing full well what it takes to get heard, Kellerman has wisely put the entire record up to stream on her MySpace page before its February 26 release on Minty Fresh (Razzia Records back in Sweden). Any fan of the Scandinavian dance scene will find If I Were A Melody an immediate darling; Firefox AK knows how to balance steadfast hooks with deep grooves, whether her muse is electro, bubblegum or techno-based.

Fans of Jenny Wilson, Annie, Jonas Kleerup, the Knife or will eat this stuff up like that wasteful Friar Tuck did with just about anything, in Rocket Robin Hood.

Download single "Winter Rose (feat. Tiger Lou)”

Firefox AK feat. Tiger Lou "Winter Rose”