Finn Brothers Everyone Is Here

There’s no denying that over the years, Tim Finn and his brother Neil have written some classic pop songs. During their time together in Splitz Enz and Crowded House, they made some truly remarkable records and so it is with a certain amount of anticipation that Everyone Is Here is released. In theory, this should be a home run. Production is provided by Mitchell Froom, Tony Visconti and Jon Brion, with all three also contributing to the music, giving the record that added lushness. So there’s no shortage of talent onboard, yet things don’t quite gel. Everyone Is Here is probably as close to classic Finn Brothers as the world is going to get now. It is a very easy record to listen to and it is very pleasant, but therein lies the problem — it is simply pleasant. It isn’t stunning or groundbreaking — it is just a nice record that isn’t as memorable as some of their previous albums. Maybe it is because they are getting older, or maybe they’ve written all their best work already, but Everything Is Here simply treads water. While that might keep some fans happy, everyone will find themselves yawning and looking at their watches. (Nettwerk)