Fine Mist Recruit Mount Eerie, Babe Rainbow, No Kids for Remix Album, Release The Singing From Public Domain

Fine Mist Recruit Mount Eerie, Babe Rainbow, No Kids for Remix Album, Release <i>The Singing From Public Domain</i>
Back in September, Vancouver, BC's Fine Mist dropped their fantastic debut album, Public Domain. The duo of Jay Arner and Megan McDonald (both veterans of Vancouver indie bands like International Falls and the Poison Dart) won us over with their disco-ready synths and bedroom pop songwriting sensibility. Now that the album is out, they're making plans for some follow-up projects.

First on the docket is an alternate version of Public Domain known as The Singing From Public Domain. The album will be available on Fine Mist's BandCamp page as a pay-what-you-want download as of today (November 26).

Speaking with Exclaim!, Arner explains that the new version has taken on its own identity. "It's a pretty good listen on its own, thanks to Megan," he says. "And when there are gaps in the singing, I tried to fade in other tracks you might not have heard in the mix. Mostly bass drum."

The Singing From Public Domain stems from the duo's desire to keep things interesting with their source material. "We're not a rap band or R&B band or whatever, but I really love that style of releasing different versions of everything -- the original, the remixes, chopped and screwed, and you can always find the vocals somewhere. It's cooler than trying to make your songs untouchable," Arner explains.

That sentiment has grown into an even bigger project as Fine Mist have been collecting remixes from friends for an upcoming remix mixtape. "So far we have No Gold, No Kids, Mount Eerie, JDH, Gus from Architecture in Helsinki, Babe Rainbow, Run Chico Run and GR8-2000, and we're waiting on a few more stragglers," Arner says, adding that Mount Eerie's Phil Elverum contributed a remix that "sounds like Twin Peaks with vocoder."

While the mixtape is far from complete, Arner has Lil Wayne-sized aspirations. "The plan is to gather them all up and get someone to mix them all together with crossfades and shouting overtop, like DJ Drama," he explains. "We'd like a proper release -- what does that even mean now? -- but it'll flow like a mixtape. Canadian techno remix mixtape: new style?"

In addition to The Singing from Public Domain and the upcoming mixtape, Fine Mist have also teamed up with No Kids' Nick Krgovich for a song on the upcoming Mint Records/CiTR compilation, as well as beginning work on their next album. First off, the duo will be performing Public Domain from start to finish with a full band at Vancouver's Biltmore Cabaret on Saturday (November 27).