Final Conflict No Peace On Earth, No Rest In Hell

How is it that if a band merely sports a crimson Mohawk and a few well-placed pyramid studs, they’re "punk” despite having raging songs that feature dive-bomb guitar swells, shredding solos and double-bass drums… in effect, the stuff of thrash metal. Final Conflict subscribe wholeheartedly to this confused stance but it still makes for an enraged attack with No Peace On Earth, No Rest In Hell. Aggressive four-chord tunes make up the majority of this latest release that allows nary a breath between attacks, resulting in a somewhat relentless assault that is confrontational and inspiring. It’s as if the brutal, unrefined energy of early Cro-Mags has been mashed together with the overt metal tendencies of Two Dogs Fucking-era Dayglo Abortions and an unsubtle yet slightly less intellectual Anti-Flag opinion rides over it all. That is to say that naturally, the album features a vast majority of Final Conflict’s trademark political anger evident on tunes such as "Burning Bush,” "Where’s The Threat” and "Remember Vietnam.” While there’s nothing particularly astonishing about No Peace On Earth, No Rest In Hell, the sincerity and zeal with which this rapidly aging quartet deliver is still enough to invigorate. (SOS)