'A Field in England' Soundtrack Gets Limited Vinyl Release

'A Field in England' Soundtrack Gets Limited Vinyl Release
A Field in England is a decidedly different sort of historical drama, and following the film's recent release in the UK, its soundtrack will soon receive a vinyl pressing. The release will arrive on August 1 through Rook Films.

The double-LP soundtrack features the original score by Jim Williams, "Chernobyl" by Blanck Mass (a.k.a. Benjamin John Power of Fuck Buttons), and one full side arranged by director Ben Wheatley (Kill List, Sightseers) and sound designer Martin Pavey entitled "Metallic Fields 1"; in a product description, "Metallic Fields 1" is referred to as a "kinetic audio synapse fryer."

The soundtrack is available in a limited edition of 400 signed copies. They come on white vinyl with a "psychedelic poster." It's available to pre-order right here.

A Field in England concerns a group of soldiers fleeing the English Civil War of the 17th century. It's a low-budget affair in black and white, and it's filled with bleak imagery and a nightmarish psychedelia courtesy of some wild mushrooms. Watch a trailer at the bottom of this page.

A Field in England OST:

A1. Intro

A2. Walk to My Still Beating Mind

A3. Metallic Fields 1 (Part)

A4. Baloo My Boy (Vocal : Richard Glover)

A5. Two Question

A6. Metallic Fields 1 (Part reprise)

A7. Pleasant Without Scurrility

A8. Walking Here Two Shadows Went

A9. Metallic Fields 1 (Part)

B1. Chernobyl

B2. Ring – A – Ring – A Roses

B3. A Happy Band

B4. Cheek to Bentside

B5. Flux of Time

B6. Walking Here Two Shadows Went (Reprise)

B7. The Damp of Hell

C1. Metallic Fields 1 (Full Version)

D1. Walk to My Still Beating Heart

D2. Baloo My Boy (Vocal: Jim WIlliams)

D3. Metallic Fields 1 (Part)