Field Division "Modest Mountains" (video)

Field Division 'Modest Mountains' (video)
Currently hard at work recording a full-length record, Nashville-based folkwave duo Field Division are taking a look back at 2014's Reverie State EP with a new video. To prepare for the forthcoming material, Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive first look at the clip for "Modest Mountains."

Shot during a tour to the West Coast this past November, performance footage is nicely spliced with shots of babbling brooks, sweeping vistas and waves crashing on sandy shores. The wild beauty of the band's scenic tour route pairs excellently with the track's flighty vocals and reverberating guitars, mandolins and drums.

A press release reveals the concept of cinematographer Bruce Bales, who said he wanted to put together the footage in a similar fashion to how the brain remembers events. "It is often the smallest of details that calls together our memory," he said. "When you are on tour, the memories are even more jumbled. However, there are moments that stick in your mind easily. The video is a combination of both types of memories: random and vivid."

Field Division's Nicholas Frampton also added: "The sentiment within 'Modest Mountains' is to 'get free' — to release one's self from the shackles of life to somewhere positively sublime — and to realize that perhaps it's all a state of mind, as well. With the natural beauty surrounding us while treading West, and Big Sur as our destination, our cinematographer, Bruce, was able to capture us in a state of mind one can only have while journeying."

Field Division's forthcoming full-length record is expected to arrive in 2016. Watch the video for "Modest Mountains" in the player below.