Fewleftstanding Wormwood

Looks like there's a slight philosophical battle going on here with forgotten emo rockers Noneleftstanding. Fewleftstanding wear the Solid State logo just fine, continuing that label's fine tradition of releasing progressive hardcore and metal acts, most of which sound quite similar. Fewleftstanding's speciality is variety; instead of merely assaulting the listener with a constant barrage of shattered glass nightmares like most of their label-mates, the band throws in an oddly high amount of old school hardcore riffs and sing-along mosh parts amidst the more modern, fragmented and intense metallic sonics. An excellent production brings out all the instruments nicely, with the only hindrance being the slightly annoying vocals and the lengthy playing time. Work on those lyrics too, fellas: an album full of songs talking about how you're Christians is no more enlightening than an album by Trooper full of songs talking about how they're in a touring rock band. (Solid State)