Ferret Founders Launch Good Fight Entertainment with Cancer Bats, Madball

Ferret Founders Launch Good Fight Entertainment with Cancer Bats, Madball
Formed in 1996, New Jersey-based indie hardcore/metal label Ferret Music has blossomed. As of 2006, it was doing such a fine job of promoting and bringing in cash to its roster that major labels came sniffing and eventually Warner Music Group bought a stake. Somehow in the mix though, founders Paul Conroy and Carl Severson left the fold.

Yet now they're returning to the music biz, ready to make history a second time with a new venture dubbed Good Fight Entertainment.

Massive and all-encompassing, Good Fight appears to boast not only a record label (Good Fight Music) but a management firm and sports division. Seven bands have already been signed on, most notably Canada's own Cancer Bats and legendary New York hardcore outfit Madball. The Cancer Bats' newest album, Bears, Mayors, Scraps And Bones, will be available through the label on April 13.

"We've built a company that is in a unique position to rise to the challenges of the evolving music industry," says Severson in a press release. "We've been on the front lines as digital has become the medium of choice for music marketing and commerce and we've grown with it, embraced the opportunities it's presented... We have the resolve to thrive in this climate. Good Fight Entertainment is the culmination of our experiences as artists, band members, managers, musicians and executives. We have the opportunity to work with people who believe in us as much as we believe in them."

Adds Madball front-man Freddy Cricien:

"I'm very excited and honoured to be a part of Good Fight. I've worked with Carl and Paul for some years now. I've developed a friendship there that goes beyond business. Some say friendship and business don't mix, in this case they are wrong. We are all very passionate about music and it will translate through this new vehicle, Good Fight Entertainment. It's the next chapter and Madball is glad to be a part of the movement."