Fermented Reptile/Park-Like Setting Fermented Reptile/Park-Like Setting

Fermented Reptile's Let's Just Call You Quits was a great album, but overwhelming in its capacity to preach on social, political and hip-hop ills, making for a very difficult listen. Just ask Chuck D - preaching is no longer a paying gig. Their new split twelve-inch EP with Park-Like Setting on the flip-side is a much more approachable release. For their side, Fermented have included "My Savings Account" and "The Law" from their album - with subject matter that is pretty much self-explanatory - and two previously unreleased tracks. "I Just Watch" is a scathing commentary on U.S. imperialism and the effects it has on other countries, told over a laid back beat heavily dominated by a beautiful violin. It's the second new track, "Are We In The Right Place?" that is most impressive, with its aggressive battle lyrics dissing commercial rap and the industry. The bass is tight and the song is short but sweet. For the flip, Peanuts & Corn CEO and main producer mcenroe teams up with John Smith and DJ Hunnicutt to form Park-Like Setting. Three of their four tracks deal with the poor state of current hip-hop, while the fourth song ("Pass The Remote") is the "She Watch Channel Zero!?!" for the new millennium. Both mcenroe and John Smith come correct with nice flows and witty lyrics while mcenroe supplies some boogie-down beats that contrast fantastically with the smooth beats supplied to Fermented Reptile on the other side. (Peanuts & Corn)