Fergus & Geronimo Detail Sophomore Album: 'Funky Was the State of Affairs'

Fergus & Geronimo Detail Sophomore Album: 'Funky Was the State of Affairs'
Texas-bred, Brooklyn-based duo Fergus & Geronimo weirded us out with last year's Unlearn, and now the quirky genre-crosses are getting ready to do it all over again with a new album for the Hardly Art imprint. Entitled Funky Was the State of Affairs, it will be out on August 7.

An announcement from the label indicates that the collection is a concept album of sorts, with recurring themes and a story. Band member Andrew Savage summed up the subject matter like this: "aliens, technology, intergalactic dating/hooking up, the Roman Empire, and the earthling resistance movement."

Within its 16 tracks, the record is said to contain "a mock-English accent," "passages of synthesizer static," "hip-hop-inspired skit[s]" and "Booker T-styled soul." In other words, it looks as if this record is going to be just as weird as we'd expect from Fergus & Geronimo, whose lineup has now been fleshed out with the addition of two new members.

See the tracklist below, and download the garage-y song "Roman Tick" for free right here (or stream it at the bottom of the page). If you're suitably impressed, pre-order a copy on CD or LP here.

Funky Was the State of Affairs:

1. Planet Earth is Pregnant for the 5th Time

2. No Parties

3. The Strange One Speaketh

4. Roman Tick

5. My Phone's Been Tapped, Baby

6. Roman Nvmerals / Wiretapping Muzak I

7. Spies

8. Earthling Men

9. The Uncanny Valley

10. Earthling Women

11. Drones

12. Wiretapping Muzak II

13. Off the Map

14. "The Roman Stuff is Where It's At"

15. Marky Move

16. Funky Was the State of Affairs