Fender Releases Kurt Cobain Jaguar for 20th Anniversary of 'Nevermind'

Fender Releases Kurt Cobain Jaguar for 20th Anniversary of 'Nevermind'
Following word of that deluxe version of Nevermind and upcoming radio show hosted by Jon Stewart, musical instrument maker Fender is hoping to jump into this fall's Nirvana-themed nostalgia biz with a six-string patterned on the late Kurt Cobain's battered and bruised 1965 Jaguar. The newly issued instrument arrives just in time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Seattle grunge group's iconic sophomore set.

A press release from the guitar maker praises the authenticity of the Kurt Cobain Jaguar guitar, which was lovingly crafted and abused to resemble the artist's old model.

The statement reads: "Fender is very proud to introduce one of the most distinctive signature models in its history, the Kurt Cobain Jaguar guitar, meticulously modelled on the battered 1965 Jaguar that the Nirvana singer, guitarist and songwriter wielded during the heady and meteoric early-'90s era when the band burst out of the Pacific Northwest, ruled rock and led a musically stunning and culturally subversive movement."

The new reissues are made to spec, featuring a worn-out sunburst paint job on the body and mods done before Cobain picked up the guitar in 1991. Unique to the instrument are its alder body and a "Stratocaster headstock shape with 1950s-style 'spaghetti' logo under the finish." While Cobain himself was a southpaw, the six-string is available in both left- and right-handed versions.

The guitar also comes with a vinyl hard-shell case an exclusive book featuring photos with commentary from Charles Peterson and an interview with Nirvana's guitar tech, Earnie Bailey. The model is currently selling at the suggested price of $1,849.99.

This isn't the first time Fender has put out a Cobain-themed instrument. In 1994 they began issuing the Jag-Stang, an axe designed by Cobain that Frankensteined the company's Mustang and Jaguar models together. The company stopped producing that design in 2005.