Feist visits Sesame Street, set to embark upon Arctic Exploration

Feist visits Sesame Street, set to embark upon Arctic Exploration
  Sesame Street may be for the kids but that doesn’t mean they don’t know a thing or two about uber-hip grown-ups. Buck 65 has penned a rap for them. Kimya Dawson wrote the show some stuff. And now beloved Canadian songstress Feist has performed her hit "1234” surrounded by a pack a smiling puppet creatures.

And while the show won’t officially air until August 11, Feist’s Sesame Street debut has already leaked on YouTube and can be seen in all its furry glory below. Also, according to the National Post, Feist is set to do a second musical number for the show — and this time it will just be her and Elmo doing a duet all up close and personal-like.

"Muppets trump everything!" Feist recently said of her performance.

And while this may be true, she has announced another new, very adult plan. According to a story report in the San Francisco Chronicle, she will be teaming up with Brian Eno and heading off to the Arctic for a BBC program on climate change. She told the paper the two would be boarding a former Soviet tanker on the Arctic exhibition and will be joined by several scientists and other yet-to-be disclosed artists.

"I was just invited with this science team that goes every year with the BBC,” said the singer. "They have this theory that if you respond in some way that once you get home it will draw attention to what’s going on up there. So I said I’ll go because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance."

Feist made no mention as to whether any Muppets would be joining the team.

Feist’s Sesame Street performance brought to you by the number four: